March 27, 2020

A brand new Supernote — Version 0.6

A brand new Supernote — Version 0.6

We're excited to share the biggest update to Supernote to date. This version is all about knowledge — transforming the notes you capture into a powerful repository of information. Here's what's new:

  • Related notes
  • Linked notes
  • Customizable sidebar
  • Browser-based navigation
  • New visual design
  • Performance and reliability improvements

 📚 Related Notes

The right information, right when you need it.

You're taking notes in the middle of a call with someone you've met before. As you jot down an important detail, you vaguely recall a related note you took a few weeks back. 

Do you hunt it down? Or continue on writing?

With Related Notes, choose no longer:

Adding a tag to a note, such as #acme-corp, will reveal other notes that have the same tag (on the right hand side). Clicking on one of these notes will open it in a full-editable split-screen mode.

🔗 Note Linking

Have you ever wished you could link from Supernote to Supernote? Now you can with Note Linking. Try it out by typing "+".

⭐ Customizable Sidebar

With Supernote 0.6, every surface (individual note, collection of notes, or collection of tasks) you engage with can be ⭐Starred. Starring a surface turns it into a saved view that is easily accessible from both your left side bar and search.

🧭 Browser-based navigation

The long awaited back button has officially arrived in Supernote. You can now navigate to and from pages as you would expect in a browser. More importantly, this also means you can now navigate directly to a note via its URL.

Future updates will allow more fine-grained controls over sharing and permissions. 

🧥 A brand new coat

We re-designed Supernote with a few things in mind: 

  • Make core functionality even faster and easier to access
  • Improve navigation and overall spatial awareness when inside the product
  • Remove redundant surfaces

The result is a simpler, more streamlined product. If you have feedback on the new design, please drop us a line in Supernote!

🎲 Miscellaneous & 🐛 bug fixes

  • Significantly reduced initial load time (~10X faster in extreme cases)
  • Significantly reduced perceived latency while typing
  • Improved global search (Command + K)
  • Implemented spellcheck suggestions
  • Using Command + K on highlighted text now correctly adds a link (no longer overridden by global search)
  • Fixed a bug that caused certain notes created in offline mode to not sync

We love hearing feedback and feature requests on the product—share Supernotes with us by mentioning @Kevin Moody and @Dennis Xu, and include the topic #feedback.

Happy Supernoting!

Kevin & Dennis

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March 27, 2020

A brand new Supernote — Version 0.6

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