July 1, 2020

Build out your web of notes

Build out your web of notes

Linked Notes

Looking to up your Supernote game? Linking notes can be a big plus (pun intended). Create traversable webs of knowledge with the + symbol. You can use + to create a new, empty note that acts as a knowledge stub to supplement later. You can also use + to create a link to an existing note.

Use + to create information placeholders:

Or use + to link to an existing note:

Want to develop an idea mentioned in a note? Highlight the text and Push into new note to expand on a thought:

Let us know how you use linked notes!

–The Mem Team (Kevin, Dennis, & Alex)

Stay a while, discover more updates

[1/5] Our team is now 3! — Alex, a rising senior and Mayfield Fellow from Stanford, has joined Mem as a product engineering intern this summer to help us drive user activation.

[2/5] Working Memory — Introducing Working Memory: the permanent sticky note on your left sidebar. It's a flexible scratchpad you can use however you wish. Perfect for building your personal table of contents, or capturing notes-to-self, arbitrary todos, and thoughts flashing across your mind that you want to save for later.

[3/5] Flexible Topics — Topics are now more flexible than ever. You can use spaces and capital letters in hashtags, and they'll automatically be interpreted as the same as their lowercase, space-free siblings. For example, #Mem Labs, #memlabs, and #mem-labs are all interpreted the same way.

[4/5] Titles are Topics, too — The title (first) line of any note is now interpreted as a topic. For example, a note titled Mem Labs has all of the benefits (e.g. organization, related notes) as if it were also tagged with #MemLabs.

[5/5] Improved Topic Pages — Now, when you search for a hashtag, Supernote separates exact keyword matches from near matches. So you can find what you're looking for, faster.

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July 1, 2020

Build out your web of notes

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