August 4, 2020

Collab with ease

Collab with ease

With the Supernote Alpha v8, we’ve streamlined how you collaborate with your team, making sure everyone’s in the loop while keeping notification chaos at bay.

Post as comment and reply

Annotate mems the way you want: post them as comments or keep them private.

Post as a comment to share it with the collaborators on the original mem — and let them reply in that comment thread.

Or, keep a side mem private if it's for your eyes only.

Search for someone's name to view mems you share

All the mems you've collaborated on, in one place, anytime you need it.

Threaded conversations

No more dangling mems in your inbox. When multiple comments and side mems stem from the same primary mem, they'll be threaded together as a single inbox item.

Mute a mem

Notification overload? Prevent a mem from resurfacing in your inbox when changes are made. Hover over the bell icon on the right side of an inbox item and click to mute.

What’s next?

We’re gearing up for a wider audience launch! As part of that, keep an eye out for two key updates:

  1. Rolling out our new brand, where Supernote officially becomes Mem
  2. Seamless sharing of mems with people who aren’t already on Mem

Until then, happy collabing!

-The Mem Team (Kevin, Dennis, Alex, & Scott)


Our team is now 4! — Welcome Scott, our latest addition to Mem team. In a past life, Scott worked as a Software Engineer at Evernote, and his initial focus at Mem is bringing collaborative editing (think multiple people editing the same line at the same time) to life.

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August 4, 2020

Collab with ease

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