April 20, 2021

Create Mems from Spotlight

Create Mems from Spotlight

Note: This is currently only available on the Mac Desktop app. If you’re on Windows, please hang tight—the Windows Desktop App is coming out this summer!

One of our most highly requested features is now live in the Mac Desktop App: the ability to quickly capture new mems via Mem Spotlight (⌘⇧Space). From anywhere on your computer and even while you're viewing another application, you can pull up Mem Spotlight with ⌘⇧Space. You'll see the option to create a new mem — press Tab to continue to a blank mem where you can jot down anything on your mind:

From here, you'll be able to also use topic tags, linked mems, and templates. Press ⌘ Enter to save the Mem. It'll appear in your Timeline and Inbox the next time you visit the app.

Happy memming!

The Mem Team

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