October 15, 2021

Introducing Publish (and save) via Mem

Introducing Publish (and save) via Mem

🎉 New in v0.24 — we've made collaborating, sharing, and publishing what you know easy in Mem.

Publish to a Public URL

From any mem, first press the Share button. Then, press Publish. You'll get a public link you can then share. Anyone on the web with the link will be able to view the mem in a beautiful, view-only mode publishing mode.

Fun fact: We published this mem to the web so you can see what a published mem looks and feels like. Check it out at mem.ai/p/jNHWbbRIqavX2cjTOnA2.

Tip: If they have a Mem account, they'll be able to save it to their Mem for future reference in one click. You can see how many times a published mem has been saved by others at the top right of the published mem.

Sharing with emails, contacts, or groups

From any mem, press the Share button easily share the mem with any email address, people in your mem contacts, or groups you're in. Once you share a mem, they'll receive it in their Mem inbox and be able to edit it collaboratively in real-time. We’re aware of some kinks that still exist in collaborative editing that we’re actively working on resolving.

Tip: If you're trying to stay on the keyboard, you can still use @mentions to share as you type in the mem itself.

More in v0.24

  1. Visual updates to the top bar, dropdown menus, & iconography throughout the app
  2. Vastly improved performance (by >50x in some cases) of editing long mems
  3. Improved resilience to brief lapses in internet connectivity
  4. Many more minor bug fixes and improvements

Happy memming!

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October 15, 2021

Introducing Publish (and save) via Mem

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