March 26, 2021

Manage your tasks, help friends skip the waitlist

Manage your tasks, help friends skip the waitlist

Welcome to v0.15! This release introduces two new features, Tasks ✅  and Invites🎁 , as well a CPU performance boost ⚡, and several other improvements/bugfixes.


Getting things done is easier than ever. Tasks—which you can now navigate to through your left sidebar—automatically aggregates all your tasks from across all your mems in one place and lets you manage them without switching contexts.

Mark a task as done with ⌘  + Enter .

Or send a task to a future date with the right arrow (→ ).

Made a mistake? Undo anything with ⌘  + Z.

Learn more about managing your tasks with the Tasks tutorial, or just head over to the Tasks tab in your Mem sidebar and give it a go!


Invite your friends to Mem with the new invite button in the top right corner of the app. Just type in their email address to send them an invitation to Mem and help them bypass the waitlist. The more, the merrier—you'll have 5 invites to start!

More Changes

We're always hard at work squashing bugs and incorporating feedback you share with us! Here are some of the other changes from this release:

  • Performance improvements – Reduced CPU load across many background actions (in some cases, by ~10x!), such as automatic local backups, syncing to/from the cloud, and indexing content for search. App performance continues to be top of mind and we're always working to make the experience even smoother.
  • Multi-language support – You can now use non-English language character across both tags and linked mems.
  • Deep linking – You'll now be offered to open a mem in the Desktop app if the app is open when navigating to a mem URL in a browser.
  • Placeholders in templates – Templates now support the same automatic placeholders as daily mems, including [today] , [tomorrow], and [my name]
  • Daily mems fix – Daily mems should now always get generated properly.
  • Mem it fix – Mem it now also works on the Microsoft Edge browser.

Let us know how you manage your tasks by sharing a mem with @Mem Feedback!

–The Mem Team

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March 26, 2021

Manage your tasks, help friends skip the waitlist

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