October 1, 2021

Mem Spotlight on Windows + more

Mem Spotlight on Windows + more

Ever since releasing the first version of Mem Spotlight for Mac users back in 2020, it’s become a staple feature for countless workflows.

From enabling lightning-fast capture, to system-wide search, to universally accessible templates and beyond, Spotlight became an instant hit. The one issue? It was only available on Mac.

Today, that changes.

The Windows Desktop App is officially ready to download. Go here to get it.

Note: the hotkey to activate Mem Spotlight on Windows is ctrl + shift + space

Mem iOS App

We’ve been testing an early version of the iOS app with a small group of users. We will progressively release the TestFlight to more users as it becomes more feature-complete and bug-free. Stay tuned.

Bug Fixes

  • Starred searches will now work as intended
  • Made search more reliable
  • New users added to a group will now be able to see old mems shared in that group
  • Fixed an error that would previously result in continuous "Please Reset Syncing" loops
  • Simultaneous editors within a mem should no longer cause the viewport to jump around unexpectedly (much more to come here)

We’re hiring

We're looking for a Senior/Staff-level Software Engineer to join our founding team. Email us at careers@mem.ai if you think you'd be a good fit. We're also hiring:

  • iOS engineers
  • Search/NLP engineers
  • and more...

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October 1, 2021

Mem Spotlight on Windows + more

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