July 29, 2021

Say Goodbye to Copy-Paste

Say Goodbye to Copy-Paste

Welcome to v0.19! This update introduces a new feature (“Send to”) and improvements to the Mem API.

Send to an existing mem via Mem Spotlight

Introducing Send to via Mem Spotlight, a new way to capture and simultaneously organize your knowledge.

When using Mem Spotlight to quickly capture information, you can now choose to append to an existing mem in your knowledge base. Mem will recommend sending to your most recent mem, or you can search for any mem to append to. We call this feature Send to.

To try out Send to via Mem Spotlight, navigate to a page that you want to capture and open Mem Spotlight with Command + Shift + Space. You'll see two new options under Mem It:

  1. Send to the mem you most recently sent to, or
  2. Send to an existing mem that you search for

You can then edit how the new information will be appended to the mem right in Spotlight before pressing Command + Enter to save your new knowledge. With this release, you can now use Mem to capture information from anywhere, to anywhere.

Improvements to the Mem API

You can now create @mentions, @groups, and linked mems via the Mem API

When we launched the Mem API in June, we were excited about the new functionality it would bring over time to Mem. Since that launch, we have been thrilled to see dozens of developers using their creativity and building integrations for Mem.

Today, we're expanding the functionality of the Mem API to allow you to @mention Mem Users and Groups as well as Link to other mems. The ability to effortlessly collect and share your knowledge is at the core of what we envision Mem to be, and these changes are another step towards that vision.

As an example, these new features might be useful when importing new customer support tickets into Mem. Before, these records would only be accessible by those who managed the customer service accounts, but when imported to Mem using the API, they can be shared with other Mem Users and Groups automatically. Now, your knowledge is democratized rather than siloed and your team is empowered to independently find answers to their questions and better serve your customers.

Check out our API docs here if you're interested in learning more about the Mem API and how to implement these new features in your integrations.

Try the Mem <> Zapier Beta

The Mem Zapier integration is launching soon. You’ll be able to tap into the more than 3,000 app integrations that Zapier offers through its platform to bring new information into Mem. If you want to test this integration before it goes live, reply to this email directly — we’ll send you an invite.

The Mem Bowtie Model

Other Recent Changes

  • 🗓As of last week, you can now sync non-primary calendars from your Google account in addition to your primary calendar!
  • ⚡️Mem is getting faster! Recent performance improvements dramatically reduce Mem's CPU footprint and strain on your battery — especially while sitting idle in the background.

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July 29, 2021

Say Goodbye to Copy-Paste

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