July 1, 2021

Scheduled Mems

Scheduled Mems

Welcome to v0.18! This update introduces Scheduled Mems, a highly requested flow that allows you to automatically generate mems based on your schedule—whether that's a daily mem with top tasks and goals, a weekly team agenda, or a simple reminder to take out the trash.

To make your own Scheduled Mem, navigate to Flows > Scheduled Mems. You can generate a scheduled mem using a new or existing template and customize days of the week and time of day you'd like the mem to appear. 

To create a scheduled mem using a new template, just edit the template text directly from the scheduled mems page — try this with recurring reminders or tasks. 

To create a scheduled mem using an existing template, just choose your desired template from the dropdown — try this with your templates for recurring meetings, 1:1s, or daily mems. 

You can even share scheduled mems with others, which will allow them to edit the content and timing.

Check out our tutorial to learn more about Scheduled Mems!

Note: With the introduction of Scheduled Mems, we will be sunsetting Daily Mems sometime in the next few weeks. If you currently use the Daily Mem flow, don't worry—active Daily Mem flows will automatically appear as a Scheduled Mem instead.

Also in this release...

  • 🔋⚡️ Performance improvements that reduce battery consumption and make the app feel snappier
  • 📅 The Calendar Flow will now show you past events up to 60 minutes
  • 📱 Texts that start with a hashtag will no longer disappear into the ether

And a variety of other small bug fixes and improvements...

Happy memming!
–The Mem Team

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July 1, 2021

Scheduled Mems

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