October 7, 2020

Speed & reliability, natural language snooze, and more ⚡

Speed & reliability, natural language snooze, and more ⚡

Yesterday, we launched our Alpha v9 update. It's focused on speed and reliability, and also comes with new features to keep your workflows as fluid as possible. Keep reading to see what's new in Mem.

Mem with speed, even while offline

We've revamped the way the app behaves offline. While there's been lots of changes under the hood, you'll notice that using Mem is snappy, load times are faster, and nothing slips through the cracks, independent of your network connection. These improvements also pave the way for an upcoming update, where you'll be able to edit any mem—even shared ones—while offline.

Type the way you think to snooze a mem

With freeform text entry for snooze, you can now snooze a mem for however long you want, whether until tomorrow afternoon or December 20 at 11:30am. Simply hit snooze (or press right arrow while the inbox item highlighted) and type in a timeframe as freeform text. Mem will know what you mean.

Start new mems without losing context

While viewing an existing mem, pressing Command + N (Ctrl + N on web) to create a new mem now pushes aside the previously open mem into the right sidebar, keeping it visible so you can maintain that past context in mind as you move on to your next thought.

Use important mems faster with Spotlight

Whenever you open Mem Spotlight (by pressing Shift + Command + Space when you have the Desktop app installed), you can now view your recently pasted mems, so you can quickly find and make use of mems without the need to search.

The Mem Team

We love hearing from you! Send us feedback and feature requests at any time through Mem.

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October 7, 2020

Speed & reliability, natural language snooze, and more ⚡

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