February 26, 2021

Templates & Daily Mems

Templates & Daily Mems

New in v0.14, we're launching Flows to help you automate your workflows — so you can create mems faster, spend less time organizing, and free up your mindspace for things that matter. We're beginning with two highly requested Flows: Templates and Daily Mems.

With Templates, you can create and quickly re-use snippets of mems wherever you are. And with your Daily Mem, you can customize a mem that'll be automatically created for you each day.

Head on over to the new Flows page in your sidebar to check it out. 🌊


Re-usable snippets at your fingertips, both in Mem and across any app. For you, or for your entire team.

Templates are a streamlined way to re-use mems over and over again. To create a template, navigate to the new Flows page in your sidebar. Click create a template to generate a re-usable snippet template.

Want to make your template accessible among all of your team members? No problem. Just click "share" to share with another person or group on Mem — the template will appear in their template bank.

After you create a template, you'll be able to use it in several ways:

  • By typing the template name at the start of a mem
  • By typing / anywhere inside a mem
  • By searching in Mem with ⌘K
  • By searching in Mem Spotlight with ⇧⌘SPACE

Daily Mem

Start your day off right with a customizable mem, generated for you and placed in your Timeline.

Your Daily Mem allows you to begin each day with a freshly created mem of your choosing. From the Daily Mem page, you can set it up exactly the way you want. Try adding a section for today’s goals, useful links out of other mems, or anything else you’d want as a part of your daily driver.

Request a custom Flow

Finally, you’ll notice a “Custom” flow tile in your Flows page. As you imagine other Flows that’d feel like superpowers for your Mem, let us know by requesting them through that custom flow tile!

Enjoy the flow 🌊

–The Mem Team

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February 26, 2021

Templates & Daily Mems

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