Build a personal CRM

With Mem, managing your relationships is easier than ever — you can build your personal CRM using Spotlight and Templates.

First, head to Flows > Templates. Here, you can create a template to keep track of someone's personal information. For example, you can create a template called "Contact Card" with fields for where someone works, their contact information, and the date you were introduced. You can add a hashtag, like #people or #CRM, inside the template to automatically categorize each entry for easy reference.

Any time you meet someone new, you can quickly add their information to Mem using Mem Spotlight. From anywhere on your computer and even while you're viewing another application, you can pull up Mem Spotlight with ⌘⇧Space. You'll see the option to create a new mem — press Tab to continue to a blank mem.

From here, you can use the Contact Card template by typing / followed by the name of your template. Fill in your new contact's information, and press ⌘ Enter to save the Mem. It'll appear in your Timeline and Inbox the next time you visit the app. 

You can continue to build your web of knowledge by using linked mems — the next time you reference this person, use the + sign followed by their name (the title of the mem) to create a direct link to their contact mem.

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