Build with the Mem API

The Mem API is a way for people to develop integrations and flows for Mem. It's currently geared toward software developers, but over time, we aim to make it possible for anyone to use tools like Zapier to build an integration without writing any code.

At its core, the Mem API will enable a variety of information—text messages, sound clips, videos, contacts, projects, emails, documents, tasks, calendar events, you name it—to flow into and out of your Mem knowledge graph: the place where your information is connected, contextualized, and automatically structured into an intelligent, assistive database.

If you're interested in the story behind API and our future plans, check out our Introducing the Mem API blog post.

Getting started is as simple as one line of code:

await memClient.createMem({ content:"Hello world."});

To get the ideas flowing, we've compiled some concepts we know the Mem community would be eager to try:

One-time import flows — e.g. From Evernote, From Markdown files, From Google Docs, From Notion, From Confluence
Continuous, passive sync flows — e.g. Your bike rides from Strava, Your favorited recipes from AllRecipes
Active inflows — e.g. Email into Mem, Readwise into Mem, Slack into Mem

To dive right in, head on over to

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