How do I request features?

We love hearing your feedback on what to prioritize and build! If there's a feature that you'd like to see, please send us a note in our app by creating a mem and tagging us @Mem Feedback or sending us an email at We welcome both new ideas and upvotes for requests so that we can tally them up and make sure we're focusing on the right stuff!

Here are some popular feature requests that are on our radar, but have workarounds that should do the trick for now:

  • Integration with non-Google calendars
    Right now, the Calendar integration only supports syncing Google Calendar, and support for other calendars (Outlook, iOS, etc.) are in our backlog. In the meantime, a Zapier integration that syncs events from your preferred calendar app to GCal would be a workaround!
  • Printing a mem
    Unfortunately, it's not possible to print a mem at the moment. However, a workaround would be to use the Mem web app ( in your browser) and view the mem from the web app. Then you can press Command + P (Mac) or Windows + P (Windows) to print the entire page.
  • Multiple accounts in Mem
    Although it's not possible right now, supporting different workspaces so that you can easily switch between different Mem accounts is definitely in our plans. A workaround some people have found is to use one account on the web app and another on the desktop app, or on another device!

  • Multiple tabs in Mem
    While it's possible to open two mems side-by-side in the app, Mem does not have a tabbed interface just yet. If you use our web app ( in your browser), you can open mems in as many browser tabs as you'd like!
  • List of all your mems
    We're building ways that you can view all your mems in one place! In the meantime, if you hit search without a query (, you'll see a list view of all mems shared with and created by you.
  • List of all your hashtags
    We're planning on building ways that you can see a list of all your tags. In the meantime, you can manually keep track of all your hashtags by creating a list of all your hashtags in your Home Mem at the bottom of your left sidebar.
  • Highlighting text and other formatting improvements
    Formatting improvements like text highlights aren't on our immediate roadmap, but it's something we plan to improve later on! In the meantime, you can add highlights by adding comments to mems: highlight the text and click "comment" from the right hand action button or click Command + Shift + M (Mac) or Windows + Shift + M (Windows).

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