Use linked mems in recurring meeting notes

You can build out webs of knowledge with linked mems — they are a big plus (pun intended). Let’s start by creating a mem for Caroline Frank, someone you’ve met a few times (pro tip: the first line of every mem automatically becomes its title).

While editing a mem, type the + sign, followed by the name of the mem you'd like to link to, and select the desired mem from the dropdown.

You can now link the Caroline Frank mem in your subsequent meeting notes, and you'll be able to access the linked mem directly by clicking on it.

As you continue to create more meeting notes that reference the same Caroline Frank mem, you'll see related mems pop up in the sidebar.

And when you navigate to the original Caroline Frank mem, you'll see a related mems list of every mem where you've referenced it.

You can even use the + key to create and link to a mem, all in one flow.

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