The self-organizing workspace

Mem is the world's first AI-powered workspace that's personalized to you. Amplify your creativity, automate the mundane, and stay organized automatically.

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Just get it into Mem

Your work and life is scattered across your brain and a million apps. Mem brings it all together. Sync your email and calendar, save links and websites from anywhere, or just write it down fast.

Capture from Desktop (Mac/Win)
Capture on the go (iOS/SMS)
Sync important emails and contacts
Sync your meetings


Mem connects the dots

Forget about what folder or app it “should” go in. Mem uses AI to connect and organize your stuff along events, topics, and people


Let AI help you make the most of what you know

Serendipitously recall related ideas from the past, write summaries and blog posts in seconds (not hours) and more.

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With all the features you need

Experience the world's first self-organizing workspace, carefully designed from the ground up to make knowledge sharing easy.

Calendar integration

Create notes directly linked to your calendar with one-click.

File attachments

Attach PDFs, spreadsheets, or just about any file imaginable.

User groups

Create groups that allow you to share knowledge far and wide.

Zapier Integration

Automate your workflows by bringing information into Mem from 3000+ connected apps.

Task management

Aggregate all of your tasks into one place — automagically.


Bring along notes, documents, and files from the apps you previously used.


Your information lives everywhere. Pull them in using our native integrations with SMS, Calendar, Email, and countless others

Native apps

Mac, Windows, Web, iOS. Mem is where you are.

* We don't yet support Android

Shared templates

Standardize outreach with shared templates that you can summon with one keypress.

What people say

Less organizing, more collaborating

Mem helps you and your team stay effortlessly organized, empowering everyone to do their best work, together