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Write, search, and share at the speed of thought.
⚡️ Lightning fast capture
🔍 Always-on search
🤝 Seamless collaboration
As simple as Apple Notes. As powerful as Google Search for your mind.
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in an instant
Bring anything into Mem with one keypress, type to create a new mem, and SMS on the go.
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Say goodbye to
Add lightweight organization as you type. Throw away rigid hierarchies for fluid information flow.
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Share and create
Share anything using the @ sign and start editing together live. Turn individual learnings into collective intelligence.
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Find anything with
one keypress
The most relevant information at your fingertips, even when you’re not using the Mem app.
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Mem it
— then forget it
Something to read later? Add it to your Inbox. Snooze notifications until tomorrow morning or for 27 minutes. Free your headspace.
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