Sometimes, technology is a destination — a place to visit and immerse ourselves within, to wander and get lost inside of.

Other times, it is a companion. Rather than competing for our attention, it blends in with our surroundings — like an assistant that helps us do more, and become better.

While both have a place in the world, the latter has been largely neglected while the former has taken over our lives. At Mem, we don't build software that holds your attention. We build software that gives you your time back.

Our Why

Why do we need to decide where to put something before we start typing?

Why are rigid hierarchical file systems (folders) still the de-facto standard for organizing information — 60 years following their invention?

Why is information that we know in one setting completely unavailable to us in another?

These are the types of questions we ask ourselves every day at Mem.

90% of the data that humanity has ever produced was produced in the last 2 years alone. Most of this information lies in silos that will be forgotten before it is ever used. We need of new ways to make use of the knowledge we have. 

At Mem, our mission is to make the world's information more useful — starting with the fastest way to capture, route, and share information. Beneath the hood is a powerful, collaborative knowledge graph that aims to understand and form connections between the terabytes of bits and bytes that we generate on a day-to-day basis.

In 2030, every application we use will be built on top of this knowledge graph. Mem is just the first of many.

Come join us in building the future of how information flows.

Product Engineer

As a product engineer at Mem Labs, you will work across the entire stack starting on Day 1, from improving our search backend to building delightful workflows that help passionate users zip information from place to place.

You will have the agency to dive into the product and engineering challenges that excite you while working alongside a small team of missionary builders. You will think like a product manager while being responsible for delivering jaw-dropping experiences to the end user.

At Mem, you will have every opportunity to do your life's work and build at a pace few believe to be possible.

We're a small team, so you'll work closely with founders Kevin and Dennis, and partner with our lead Designer Priscilla to deliver incredible features. They will be your support structure alongside other engineers on the team.

Success in the role revolves around three primary factors:

  • Autonomy: Given an initial design, consistently deliver an end-to-end new product feature. You've led the way in delivering product to market before and will have the agency here to do it again in a greenfield environment.
  • Mentorship: Consistently spend time helping others grow on the team. You care about the growth of others and will be expected and empowered to raise the levels of engineers on the team.
  • Delivery: Ship large features regularly at a rapid pace. We move quickly and will need you to accelerate what we're doing to deliver product to market.

Other Details:

  • Tech stack: TypeScript/JavaScript, GCP, React, Electron, Swift
  • Compensation: Competitive salary and meaningful equity
  • Location: SF Bay Area or Remote

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