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Mem is the world’s first AI knowledge assistant that’s personalized to you. Effortlessly capture new thoughts, stay organized without trying, and leverage everything you know to the fullest.

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Just get it into Mem

Your work and life is scattered across your brain and a million apps. Mem gives you seamless, cross-contextual access to everything you need, when you need it. Sync your email and calendar, save links and websites from anywhere, or just jot it down fast.

Capture from Desktop (Mac/Win)
Capture on the go (iOS/SMS)
Sync important emails and contacts
Sync your meetings


Mem connects the dots

Mem uses AI to connect and organize your data across all data sources along with events, topics, and people, and enhances it with all the knowledge in human history.


Let AI augment your intelligence using what you already know

Serendipitously discover past ideas, search with ease, and generate content from your saved knowledge.

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With all the features you need

Augment your intelligence with your personal knowledge assistant.

Calendar integration

Keep track of your day and create notes directly linked to your calendar with one click.

Quick capture

Don’t let thoughts slip through the cracks. Save notes, links, tweets, and more with ease.

Email sync

See your emails side-by-side with your notes and contacts. Stay updated at-a-glance with email auto-summarization.

Instant Recall

Find exactly what you’re looking for across all your knowledge.

Knowledge enhancement

Augment what you already know and get insights about your existing knowledge.

Knowledge Creation

Create written content — like summaries or explanations — based on what you’ve saved.


Never repeat yourself again with AI that understands the context of your knowledge.

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Your personal knowledge assistant, powered by AI

Unlock true intelligence — Mem helps you effortlessly remember, discover, and create knowledge.