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Say goodbye to folders

Introducing the world's first self-organizing workspace. Mem is the easiest way to capture, share, and make use of knowledge.

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The fastest way to capture anything

Notes for your morning meeting. A task to follow up on. Get it down whenever, wherever. No folders necessary.

One keypress to save any webpage

Mem Spotlight is always one smart keyboard shortcut away. Available on the Mac and Windows Mem app.

Jot it down on-the-go with the iOS app or via SMS

Capture quick notes, send links, and save images from anywhere. Use SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram, or the Mem iOS app.

Powered by AI

Spend less time organizing and more time doing, with Mem's state-of-the-art artificial intelligence.

Search the way you think

Find what you're looking for faster with context-aware, natural language search.

Joe Bolter
Executive Producer @ Netflix

Mem is the first note taking app I’ve used - and I’m pretty sure I’ve used them all at this point - that actually improves the creative process for me. Capturing is of course effortless, but it’s Mem’s ability to help me make connections within my ideas that has proven invaluable. I now make notes with the comforting thought that “Mem will help me figure out how this is useful” and that’s because Mem works the way our brains work. I’m excited every time I make a Mem and can’t wait to see what I’m going to discover.

Collaborate seamlessly

Share your work with teams and individuals with ease. Edit, comment, and collaborate on mems in real-time.

More breakthroughs. Less back-and-forth.

Our technology automatically surfaces what's relevant. See what your team is working on at a glance with trending tags.

Alex Cohen
Director of Product @ Carbon Health

I use Mem to keep track and organize all of my work. It's helped tremendously with keeping track of projects, meetings and product initiatives.

With all the features you need

Experience the world's first self-organizing workspace, carefully designed from the ground up to make knowledge sharing easy.

Calendar integration

Create notes directly linked to your calendar with one-click.

File attachments

Attach PDFs, spreadsheets, or just about any file imaginable.

User groups

Create groups that allow you to share knowledge far and wide.

Zapier Integration

Automate your workflows by bringing information into Mem from 3000+ connected apps.

Task management

Aggregate all of your tasks into one place — automagically.


Bring along notes, documents, and files from the apps you previously used.


Your information lives everywhere. Pull them in using our native integrations with SMS, Calendar, Email, and countless others

Native apps

Mac, Windows, Web, iOS. Mem is where you are.

* We don't yet support Android

Shared templates

Standardize outreach with shared templates that you can summon with one keypress.

What people say

Less organizing, more collaborating

Mem helps you and your team stay effortlessly organized, empowering everyone to do their best work, together