The smart notes app.

Jot it down fast. Ask Mem about it later. No organizing needed.

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Capture ideas and information in a snap, from anywhere

Your work and life is scattered across your brain and a million different apps. Take notes in Mem, save links and websites while on the go, or import your existing knowledge from outside sources. Ask Mem to find what you need by simply starting a conversation.

Take notes in Mem
Text thoughts to Mem
Save links on-the-go (iOS)
Import from external sources


Mem connects the dots

Mem understands what you tell it and save to help you connect, organize, and remember the most important things in your life. Can't make progress on your novel? Don't know what to get your friend for their birthday? Not when you have Mem to talk to.


Beyond Chat, Mem is your AI thought partner

Serendipitously discover past ideas, search with ease, and generate content from your saved knowledge.

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With all the features you need

Augment your intelligence with your personal knowledge assistant.

Quick capture

Save notes, links, tweets, and more with ease, so that even when you forget something, Mem won't.

Total Recall

Use our AI-powered Smart Search or ask Mem a question to bring whatever you're looking for back to top-of-mind.

Knowledge Creation

Remix or produce from scratch written content that combines your unique voice with super-powerful AI.

Context-aware AI assistance

Forget elaborate prompts and irrelevant responses -- our AI already understands the way you understand the world.

Mem: The Ultimate Knowledge Assistant

Ask questions and generate content based on the notes you take inside Mem.
Unlock the ultimate knowledge assistant, personalized to you.