March 23, 2023

Automatic Organization with Collections

Automatic Organization with Collections

"Can Mem automatically tag new mems for me? Can I rename or delete a tag across all of my mems? Can I merge multiple tags together? Can Mem help me find things that I forgot to tag?"

Starting today, the answer to all of these questions is now: Yes!

We're so excited to introduce this slew of improvements to Tags that we feel like the the feature's name deserved an upgrade, too.

With that, say hello to Collections: the evolution of lightweight organization in Mem.

It's another step toward our mission to deliver a self-organizing, intelligent workspace.

Collections are a highly-anticipated improvement to everything you know and love about tags, but with intelligence and bulk actions. Here's what's new:

Mem will help keep you organized, automatically

Want Mem to do the organizing for you? Mem will now intelligently suggest relevant Collections as you type. Add a Collection at the top of your mem in one click.
Available only in Mem X — subscribe here

Worried something fell through the cracks? Mem will recommend relevant mems to add to any Collection.
Available only in Mem X — subscribe here

Flexible organization anytime, anywhere

See a bunch of mems you want to add to a Collection? You can now do that in bulk, without ever even going into the mems.

Changed your mind on what to call a Collection? You can rename a Collection and have it dynamically update across your mems.

Have two Collections that mean the same thing? You can merge multiple Collections together at any time.

Accessing Collections

You'll find Collections in the left sidebar. Once you've created a Collection, you can also navigate to it using the Search bar at the top of the screen.

Underneath Collections in the left sidebar you'll also see "Top-of-mind Collections" related to your most recent activity within Mem, allowing you to jump to those Collections immediately, whatever you're working on at the moment.

Creating a new Collection from the All Collections page

From the All Collections page, hit "+ New Collection" button in the top right.

You can either find mems to add manually using the search bar in the middle of the screen, or you can start typing in the name of the Collection, and Mem will suggest the most relevant mems to add based on the Collection name!

You'll notice that our dynamic Search will start suggesting mems while you type, helping to save you time and add the mems you want as quickly as possible.

These improvements come as a result of your continued feedback on the product experience of Mem, so from all of us at Mem, thank you. 🙏

We've been testing and fine-tuning Collections for months, and we're excited for you to finally experience the magic.

There's plenty more coming on the horizon, too. 👀

Note: With the launch of Collections, we will not be deprecating tagging. Inline tagging will still work in the usual fashion; however, from now on, these "tags" will create Collections instead.

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