November 5, 2021

Introducing Fact Search

Introducing Fact Search

Starting today, Mem will surface facts you've captured deep within your mems right at the top of your search results. This works with numeric codes, like "confirmation number A1B2C3", as well as values that follow a colon in a mem, like "Director: Christopher Nolan".

To get started, try adding your frequent flyer numbers to Mem and then searching for them. You'll be just one click away whenever you need them.

Quickly navigate to links, too

Mem also now understands links within your mems as websites you might want to navigate to in the future. Just like facts, we now surface them as top-level results that can be immediately opened in a new tab.

Also in this release (Hint: It's more search goodies)

We've managed to pack a few other gems into this release:

  1. You can now search "all tags" or "all mems" and check out the brand new pages.
  2. When you enable a link filter in search results such as "containing Google Sheets links", each result now surfaces links contained within the mem, so you can open the link without first opening the mem.
  3. When you search for text, the matching blocks of text contained with the mem are surfaced on the search results page, so you can find what you're looking for, faster.

Happy memming!

–The Mem Team

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