July 25, 2022

Introducing Mem It for Twitter

Introducing Mem It for Twitter

The idea for Mem It for Twitter came about during our internal hackathon earlier this month. With the decline of quality in Google Search, people are using social media platforms like Twitter more than ever as a major source of news. It made sense, then, that we should offer a way for our users to import relevant Twitter threads into Mem in a clear, easy-to-read format.

Now when you see a thread on Twitter you want to save for future reference, you can reply to any tweet in that thread with "@memdotai mem it". Our Twitter account will then respond to your tweet with a shareable link containing the unrolled thread, and automatically save the thread to your Mem inbox. You can even add tags and any other notes you might want in your reply tweet.

But Mem It for Twitter is more than just a neat forwarding tool. We’re currently living in an age of what Venkatesh Rao calls “superhistory” – a period in which the ease of information circulation and the AI tools we’re developing to deal with that can make a day feel like a year. Never before has there been so much information to take in and reconcile with our existing knowledge on a daily basis. But trying to match the pace of this information flow shouldn’t feel like a full-time job. With that in mind, we realized we could apply the technology that powers Mem X to enhance the Mem It experience in a couple of key ways.

Auto-Summaries (Powered by Mem X)

When you save a Twitter thread to Mem, we’ll also provide you with an AI-generated summary of the content you’ve just saved in our tweet reply, allowing you and other Twitter users to see the most important information in the original user's posts at a glance.

See this example below on a thread by @TrungTPhan

The published mem will even generate a smart title for the thread (in this case: "The Picasso Way: How Apple Uses Simplicity to Drive Innovation").

Some more examples below:

  • YC's Investing Trends: 9 Interesting Graphs (Link)
  • The 7 ways to acquire your first 1,000 users (Link)
Recommended threads

To help you find more of the content you’re interested in, faster, we’re also offering recommendations for other threads we think you’ll find interesting, based on what other users have saved on the same or a similar topic. If you save a thread on large language models, for example, Mem It will show you other threads users have saved on machine learning. And the more you use Mem It, the more relevant the recommendations will become over time, as our algorithm learns the specific details of the content you’re most interested in seeing.

To start saving twitter threads with Mem It, head to Flows, select the new Twitter Forwarding tile, and follow the steps to verify and connect your Twitter account.


Happy memming!