December 14, 2020

Timeline, Mem It Clipper, & Search 2.0

Timeline, Mem It Clipper, & Search 2.0

2020 may be nearing an end, but we're still in the early days for Mem. Alpha v10 brings two new major features—Timeline and the Mem It Clipper—as well as a series of improvements to search. Read on to see what's new in Mem.


Your timeline is the new home surface of Mem, where you can browse mems you created, edited, or viewed in chronological order. Want to get back to those meeting notes from yesterday or that Bolognese recipe you cooked last weekend? Now it's just a scroll away. You can also search for dates in global search (⌘+K) to be taken to a specific date in Timeline.

Timelines are now available for specific collections of mems. When viewing mems in a topic, mems shared with a specific person, or a "see all search results" page, you'll now see a Timeline tab where you can view those mems as a timeline.

Mems you create or edit are no longer automatically added to your Inbox. Instead, with Timeline as a catch-all, Inbox is a protected space that you consciously add mems to. When you want to add something to your Inbox, simply click Add to Inbox or use the ⌘+S shortcut while viewing a mem.

Mem It — the anything clipper

Available via Spotlight

Now, you can save anything you see directly to Mem with a single keypress, through Spotlight (⌘+Shift+Space).

On webpages (Chrome or Safari):

When you open Spotlight while looking at a webpage, you'll see an option to "Save [current webpage]".

With text highlighted (anywhere):

When you open Spotlight with text selected — from any application on your computer — you'll see an option to "Save [selected text]"

See it? Mem it.

Search: Helping you find that mem, every time

Alpha v10 introduces five ease-of-use improvements to Mem to help you search for what you need:

  1. Choose "See all results" to view all relevant mems instead of the top 10 shown. From that page, you can also view your results as a Timeline.
  2. Search by date to be taken to a specific location in your timeline. Try "Tuesday", "2 weeks ago", or "June 19."
  3. See your recent searches for mems, topic tags, and users.
  4. See a preview of each mem as you go through results so you know what you're getting into.
  5. See matching text bolded in the results to help you find the right result, faster.

Happy memming!

–The Mem Team

PS: We love hearing from you! Send us feedback and feature requests any time through Mem.

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December 14, 2020

Timeline, Mem It Clipper, & Search 2.0

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