January 27, 2022

Unlocking Serendipity

Unlocking Serendipity

This release features the biggest UI overhaul to date — but we didn't stop there. In addition to the long-overdue visual refresh, V0.29.1 features the first of many steps towards making serendipity a cornerstone of Mem, and furthering our mission of building the world's first self-organizing workspace. These changes will be particularly noticeable for teams users (e.g. stumbling upon a shared artifact created by a co-worker that is directly relevant to what you're working on), but also significantly improves the experience for individual users. Without further ado:

Better Related mems

Previously, Related mems would only include mems that either shared the same tag, shared the same title, or directly linked to this mem. This was an overly restrictive ruleset that didn't allow for information to flow freely, and for knowledge to truly compound.

V0.29.1 streamlines the Related mems sidebar and introduces the following improvements:

  • Meeting notes for recurring Calendar events: See mems that are created from (or linked to) previous occurrences of recurring events
  • "Referenced by": You've always been able to see a list of mems that link to the current mem you're on. We've made it more clear what we're showing you and why.
  • "Mentions": Rather than explicitly requiring matching tags, any mem that contains the word contained within the tag will also be surfaced under "Mentions [name of tag]". (Example: a mem that has the tag #hiring will also surface mems that contain the word “hiring”)
  • Hover previews: Hover over a Related mem to see a preview of its contents
  • Better navigation: Navigate to the next/previous Related mem without going back to the main view.
  • Responsive layouts & resizable panels: mems display much more compactly at smaller sizes, and side-by-side views can now be separately resized.

A new sidebar built for discovery

This is the most visible change in V0.29.1 so we'll spend less time explaining and let you explore yourself. Aside from consolidating various menus from across the app, we've added a new section called "Tags" that will automatically surface the top-of-mind topics that matter. The purpose of this change is to promote knowledge discovery (among teams) and re-discovery (for individuals).

That's it for this update. In future updates, expect more along the theme of enabling serendipity. As always, don't hesitate to send us feedback/bug reports (to @mem support). Happy memming!

-- Mem Team

PS the Mem iOS app is now in Testflight. Head over to mem.ai/ios to join the Beta.

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