December 8, 2022

Introducing the world's first knowledge-aware AI assistant

Introducing the world's first knowledge-aware AI assistant

We’re excited to announce that Mem X Smart Write & Edit are now being rolled out to waitlisted Mem X subscribers on the Mem web application (MacOS and Windows desktop app releases to follow soon). Work smarter, not harder, with your own knowledge-aware AI assistant that’s personalized to you.

What sets Smart Write & Edit apart

Smart Write and Smart Edit are unique among AI-powered writing assistants because they combine the radical capabilities of large language models with the personal knowledge stored in your Mem account. This means you can craft highly-personalized writing that draws on the specific contents, voice, and style of your knowledge base. Other large language model applications can produce high-quality written content, but none of them knows you in the way that Smart Write and Smart Edit do.

For instance, you can ask Smart Write & Edit to:

No other AI-powered writing application has these capabilities. And the more of your own notes you take in or put into Mem, the more Smart Write and Smart Edit will learn from your own writing style and knowledge base, making it an even more powerful tool.

Using Smart Write

When working in a mem, hit forward slash (/) to bring up a dropdown menu. From the top of that, you can do three things:

  1. Ask Smart Write to add a title to the paragraph or piece of writing you are working on.
  2. Ask Smart Write to add a summary of the existing contents of your mem.
  3. Give Smart Write a custom instruction on what to write for you.

Like Mem itself, there are countless ways you can use a Smart Write custom prompt; the only limit is your imagination. You can ask it to:

  • Write from something from scratch
  • Come up with a recipe that uses the leftover ingredients in your fridge and pantry
  • Generate a viral Twitter thread
  • Create a detailed report summarizing the findings of a recent market analysis
  • Write a press release announcing the launch of your company's latest innovation
  • Generate a set of frequently asked questions and answers for your company's website
  • Write a cold outreach email to a potential new hire, explaining why you think your company would be a good fit for them.

Using Smart Edit

To use Smart Edit, highlight the piece of text within your mem that you wish to edit. From the black toolbar, select the magic wand icon. In the pop-up input field, tell Smart Edit how you want it to change the highlighted text.

Smart Edit works on both a stylistic and formal level. For example, you can ask it to:

The Age of Symbiotic Intelligence

Artificial intelligence already facilitates our day-to-day lives. Every time you use your smart phone, listen to a recommended song on Spotify, or let Gmail finish a sentence for you, you are engaging in a relationship with artificial intelligence. But, like any relationship, it requires reciprocity in order to be tenable. We do not really tell the algorithms that shape the content we see on social media platforms what we are interested in; they tell us. Algorithms decide how we see the world, and offer us only content that reinforces that view. We know humans are much more interesting, multifaceted, and complex than that, which is why Mem X Smart Write & Edit use artificial intelligence not to circumscribe human behavior and activity, but to irradiate, enrich, and augment it. Our mission is to help humans create more and think better by reducing time spent on menial activities (tedious admin, searching for difficult-to-find information), meaning that our users can concentrate their energy on doing the things that machines can't.

We envision a future marked by accelerated creativity, increased efficiency, and seamless cross-contextual knowledge transfer - a future in which you can query Mem as you would a personal assistant, using natural-language searches to bring together and synthesize knowledge across channels - from Slack DMs, to emails, to Calendar meetings, and more. Soon, requests like "Summarize my last 5 meetings with Acme Corp", "Write this email in the voice of my coworker", and "Plan a trip itinerary for me using my flight confirmation emails" will all be possible.

How to sign up

Subscribe to Mem X here and join the waitlist here to unlock Smart Write & Edit as we roll it out.

Share your most mind-blowing Smart Write & Edit use cases on Twitter and tag @memdotai — those who share the best use cases will win Smart Action credits and a special prize.

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