February 26, 2021

Mem in Beta: Invite your friends!

Mem in Beta: Invite your friends!

It’s official: Mem is leaving its Alpha phase and entering Beta. 🎉 🎉 🎉

Here’s what that means:

  1. We’re opening up the doors to new users! You can now invite others to collaborate with you and try out Mem for themselves (more on that below).
  2. We’ve launched Groups. Create groups with others to make sharing mems with multiple people a breeze (also more on that below).
  3. We’ve launched lots of new onboarding content to help new users get started. Check out the 7-minute getting started video we’ll be sharing with new users—you may discover something new!
  4. It still early days, and there’s lots on the horizon. We’re still going to ship new features early and often. Brand new concepts may continue to be rough around the edges, and we cherish every piece of feedback we receive.

If you’re loving Mem and want to play a part, help us spread the word—and bring your friends to Mem! Here’s how…

Inviting someone to a mem

To share a mem with someone who doesn't have a Mem account, just @ mention the name of any person in any mem, select the “Invite” option, and enter their email address. We'll invite them to Mem and notify them that you've shared a mem via email. They’ll be able to view and collaborate instantly on the mem you shared, even without signing in to Mem. They’ll also have the option to sign into Mem and skip the waitlist.


Now, you can create groups in Mem so you can collaborate with others with even more ease. @ mention the group in any mem to share it with all other users in the group. Visit the new "Groups" tab in your sidebar to create new groups, add people to groups, and view groups that you're in.

Creating a group

Adding someone to a group

When you add someone to a group who isn’t already on Mem, we'll invite them to Mem and notify them that’ve been added to a group via email.

Happy inviting, and happy memming!

—The Mem Team

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