August 20, 2021

Search just got a whole lot smarter

Search just got a whole lot smarter

Today, we unveil the biggest set of improvements that we’ve ever made to search in Mem. This update marks our first steps towards giving you a universal search bar for all information that is uniquely relevant to you (and your team). Namely, it enables:

  • using conversational phrases to find what you're looking for
  • making compound searches, such as "mems that contain Twitter links from July 2021”
  • narrowing your search results dynamically based on recommended filters

This means that, unlike before, Mem will look beyond just matching the text of what you’re searching for. Here are some examples of everyday concepts now understood by Mem:

  • links (e.g. "has Google Drive links", “has Figma links”, etc.)
  • specific dates and date ranges (e.g. "from July 2019")
  • via SMS (e.g. "sent from text")
  • who edited a mem (e.g. "Edited by Isabella")
  • tasks (e.g. "has checklist")
  • tags, including multiple (e.g. "#journal #daily")
  • Mem Groups (e.g. "Shared with Acme Corp.")
  • Images/Video/GIFs (e.g. "with GIFs")
  • Code (e.g. "contains code")

You can also combine multiple elements to form compound searches to further narrow your results. For example “mems with Figma links from August 2021”, “contains GIFs shared with Acme Corp”, and “from Texts with Twitter links”.

Search is at the core of Mem and will continuously improve — so we pose this question to you:

What do you wish you could search for, even if it doesn’t already exist inside of Mem?

Please reply to this email directly and share your suggestions!

—The Mem Team

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