November 22, 2021

Send emails to Mem

Send emails to Mem

You can now send emails directly to Mem. Anything you send to will flow into your Timeline and Inbox, including file attachments and #tags for quick organization.

  • Want to save a flight confirmation email for later? Forward it to with the tag #travel and search for "flight confirmation".
  • Received an important slide deck from a client? Forward it to and find it later with a search like "slide decks from email".
  • Need to remember that pumpkin pie recipe that Mom sent you? Forward it to with the tag #recipe

Mem automatically pulls out facts (e.g. addresses, confirmation numbers, etc.) from these emails. You can also search “from emails” or “” to find all mems created in this way.

Getting Started
To get started, simply send an email to from the Gmail address you use to sign in to Mem. If you would like to send emails to Mem from other email accounts, navigate to Flows -> Emails.

Additional notes

  • File attachments sent to are currently limited to 10 MB in size. We'll be increasing this limit over time.
  • File attachments from emails are stored securely using Google Cloud Storage.
  • We only support email forwarding from Gmail accounts for now.

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