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For people who want a simple and lightweight way to stay organized

Unlimited notes, collections, and templates

Sync your email, contacts, and calendar

25 MB file size per upload

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/ month

For people who want to unlock their best work with an AI-powered personal knowledge assistant.

AI-powered features

Unlimited upload file size

100 GB of total storage

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For teams who want to unlock true knowledge sharing with Mem

Self-organizing Mem X technology

Unlimited members per space

Spaces with administrator controls

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Custom pricing

For larger teams and companies that want, custom AI models, dedicated support and custom contracts

Self-organizing Mem X technology

Dedicated success manager

Priority support & SLAs

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Mem X
Mem X Teams
Mem X Enterprise
Usage and storage
Mems, tags and linked mems
Templates and scheduled mems
Total storage
5 GB
100 GB
100 GB
Max single file size
Maximum file size per attachment
25 MB
Organization, Search and Discovery
Keyword search
Advanced keyword-based search
Fact Search
Easily surface facts in your mems like dates, phone numbers, and more
Smart Search
Search beyond keywords with a search experience that understands you the way a human would
Similar Mems
Discover while you write. Easily see what you and your team’s worked on before. Build on your collective intelligence.
Custom trained models
Custom AI models trained with enterprise data for fine tuned results across your Mem workspace.
Spaces allow people to quickly share mems with several people at once. You can create spaces for groups, teams, companies, and more.
Space size
6 members
6 members
Space admin controls
Add and remove space members, delegate admins, and transfer ownership of a space
Mem X for all members
All members of Mem X Teams and Enterprise spaces get access to Mem X technology
Flows and integrations
Connected Email Accounts
Save emails to mem to reference information seamlessly
Connected Calendars
API Keys
Zapier Integrations
iOS, Mac, Windows, and Web apps
Text to Mem
Mem Spotlight
Standard support
Email and in-app support
Dedicated success manager
Custom contract
Priority support + SLA
Calendar & Email Accounts

Flows help you automate your workflows — so you can create mems faster, spend less time organizing, and integrate your knowledge across apps.

Smart Search & Similar Mems

Mem leverages state-of-the-art natural language processing to actually understand what you capture — so you can spend less time organizing and more time doing.

Groups & Workspaces

Collaborate on mems in real-time with others by creating groups — you can then mention the group (e.g. “@Marketing Team”) to share that mem with everyone. Mems shared by others will appear in your Inbox.

Zapier & API Access

Pull data in from any app on the Zapier platform into Mem with zero programming knowledge. Share a phone number from Hubspot. Pull up your flight confirmation number without ever leaving your check-in page. And more.

Storage & Attachments

Add file attachments to mems. PDFs, spreadsheets, slide decks, songs — anything goes. Easily find files later with searches like "slide deck from sarah" or "financial report pdf from 2020".

iOS & Desktop Apps

Capture and access your information in Mem from anywhere—while on-the-go, or working in another app with Mem Spotlight—with the iOS mobile app and Windows and Mac apps.

Frequently asked questions

Have more questions? Check out our FAQ page.

Does Mem offer discounts for students and non-profits?

Yes! Mem offers generous discounts for students, academics, non-profits and others. Reach out to us at and let us know your email address associated with your Mem account as well as your email address associated with your academic institution or non-profit.

How is my data stored? How private is my data?

We take your privacy seriously here at Mem. Your data is encrypted at rest with AES-256 and in transit with TLS, but it is not e2e encrypted. This is because our core focus —our raison d’être — is to provide you with intelligence on top of your Mem. To be able to leverage new advances in NLP into practical applications that will power your life and work. We do not sell your data nor do we mine it to serve ads (and we never will).

Can I use Mem with a non-Google / Google Workspace account?

At the moment, we use Google Authentication, so only those with Google or Google Workspace accounts are able to sign into Mem. However, we definitely plan to build non-Google authentication in the future.

What browsers are supported with Mem It?

As of now, Mem It using Spotlight works with Chrome, Safari, and Brave. Adding support for more browsers is in our backlog.

How do I request features?

We love hearing your feedback on what to prioritize and build! If there's a feature that you'd like to see head on over to our public roadmap and create a post.

Can I export my Mem data?

Yes! We support one-click data exports for your entire mem knowledge graph.

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