January 8, 2021

Introducing Live Editing

Introducing Live Editing

Happy 2021! New year, new Mem. Alpha v11 update brings much-anticipated collaborative editing. It's been months in the making, and it brings about an unparalleled editing experience. We call it Live Editing.

Live Editing enables two new features:

  1. Realtime collaboration — Multiple people can edit the same mem, at the same time, without interrupting what others are typing.
  2. Offline editing of anything— Now, you can edit any mem offline, whether they're newly created ones or ones shared with you in the past. When you go back online, Mem will intelligently sync the changes and merge them with any changes collaborators made while you were offline.

Over the new few weeks, you'll notice a Live Editing Enabled indicator in mems any time Live Editing mode is enabled. Soon, we'll complete the switch to having Live Editing enabled for all mems.

More in Mem

View search results as Timeline

Now, you're able to view search results in Timeline View, so that you can browse searched mems organized in chronological order.

Reduce clutter with the press of a button

Introducing the "Clear Inbox" button, which allows you to remove all mems from your inbox. These mems will remain viewable in your Timeline and searchable with Command + K.

New Brand, New Theme

We want to say a huge thank you for being one of our earliest users and helping us build Supernote together. As you know, our product today remains the same, and while we'll always remember the name Supernote fondly, we've transformed the brand to align with our long-term goals. With the name Mem, we'll be able to better deliver on our vision that takes us far beyond notes. We're building the future of human memory—a way for all of us to do more with the information we've come across. Check out and share our new website, mem.ai! If you use the web version of Mem, you can access the landing page directly at get.mem.ai.

Along with the brand rollout, Salmon theme has been replaced with Amaranth. Give it a go by hovering over your profile icon in the top right of Mem!

Reliability improvements to Mem It

Finally, we've improved reliability and performance in Mem It, especially when you use Mem It on selected text. We've also made minimalistic formatting refinements for mems created via Mem It.

Happy new year, and happy memming!

–Mem Team

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