March 18, 2022

Introducing Mem X and Teams

Introducing Mem X and Teams

Since the day we launched Mem Beta a year ago, we've been asked "How much will this cost after the Beta?" countless times.

Today, we are thrilled to share that what has been called Mem Beta until now will simply be called Mem moving forward. And we’re pricing it at $0 per month. Yep. Free.

With a free Mem account, you'll be able to continue using everything you use today. Create, edit, search, and use unlimited mems and templates. Connect as many external calendars and email accounts as you want to keep your mems organized alongside your schedule and communications. Use Mem across Mac, Windows, Web, and the iOS app. Use Mem Spotlight with our Desktop apps.

We're also increasing the attachment upload to 25 MB per file (up from 8 MB per file) and enabling a generous 5 GB of total storage per account.

Beyond the free tier of Mem, we're excited to unveil three brand new product tiers that we'll begin rolling out in April 2022: Mem X, Mem X Teams, and Mem X Enterprise.

Introducing Mem X

The future of Mem revolves around two key questions: How can people do more with the information they've come across before? How can new information naturally reach the right person at the right time?

The answer to both of those questions relies deeply on organization of information, and the reality is, no matter how hard we try as humans to impose the perfect folder structure, tagging system, manual connections and sharing of content, we cannot perfectly anticipate how to organize in a way that unlocks the true utility of information when it's needed most.

We've been hard at work incorporating state-of-the-art advances in artificial intelligence to build the world's first self-organizing workspace. We're calling it Mem X, and we're pricing it at only $10 per month.

Mem X augments your notes and knowledge, intelligently organizing them using artificial intelligence.

With Mem X, you're still at the driver's seat when you want to be. You can add hashtags and link directly between mems as much as you want to build out structured organization intentionally.

But no matter how you leave things, Mem X can bring organization to your information. Even without adding hashtags or manual links between mems, Mem X considers the meaning behind the content and structure of each mem to automatically draw connections between them.

With Similar Mems, you'll see mems that are relevant to the mem you're working on appear in real-time in your Related Mems sidebar. No tagging needed.

With Smart Search, you can move beyond keyword and tag search, searching for content that isn't ever mentioned directly in a mem, and still find exactly what you're looking for. A search for "meeting w/ the payments company" will find "Stripe Call - January 17, 2022" even without any of those keywords appearing in the mem itself.

Intelligent tagging, suggested bundling of mems, automatic information routing within teams, and much more are all on the horizon. You can sign up for early access to the Mem X plan or learn more at

Mem X Team & Enterprise Plans

Mem X unlocks extraordinary creative and intellectual power for individuals. For teams and companies on Mem X, the transformation is even more profound.

When a group of people use Mem X together, they don't have to agree on where to put files and how to tag items. They can simply write and share knowledge freely, and let Mem X handle the rest. Mem X Teams and Mem X Enterprise unlocks true collective intelligence.

Similar Mems shows mems written by anyone across the team that are relevant to the mem you're working on. This enables you to build off of prior art you may not have even known existed.

In a team setting, the person searching for information often has no idea what keywords may appear in what they're trying to find — because they didn't create it in the first place. With Smart Search, team members can search with queries like "how we think about pricing" and instantly find the "Monetization Strategy" mem.

The Mem X Teams plan, priced at $15 per user per month, is perfect for small-to-medium sized teams. Sign up for early access to Mem X Teams.

For larger teams and companies with custom needs, we're introducing Mem X Enterprise. Contact us if you're interested in getting your company early access to Mem X.

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