September 11, 2023

Fall Roadmap Update

Fall Roadmap Update

Just over a month ago, responses poured in via email to the question I posed: “What superpower does Mem give you?”

A clear theme emerged: Mem gives us the superpower of being able to truly leverage our knowledge to the fullest—whether through fast retrieval of answers with Search, re-discovery of forgotten ideas through Similar Mems, or synthesis and application of knowledge using Chat as a personalized thought partner.

We’re committed to building the ultimate knowledge assistant, and today I want to shed light on the four areas that we’re focused on over the coming months:

1. Chat & Search

Chat, which we first released earlier this year, will remain a top priority over the next several months. We are amazed every day by new use cases we hear about how people use Chat to retrieve answers, draw from and synthesize several pieces of their knowledge, or even treat Chat as a thought partner that can apply their knowledge as it serves as a personal consultant to them.

Search is the heart of any repository of knowledge. It’s our mission to make sure that Mem has the strongest and smoothest search experience possible. We’re investing heavily in search ranking quality to help you get to what you’re looking for even faster.

You can expect to see continued improvements to both Chat & Search quality, wider knowledge retrieval and application capabilities in Chat—such as the ability to chat with a Collection in Mem—and more comprehensive citing of the sources that it uses from your Mem to provide replies.

As we enable new information types to be added to your Mem, we’ll also ensure that the knowledge within each new information type—be it the words spoken in an audio recording or the text embedded within a PDF or screenshot—is fully searchable in Mem.

2. Browse & Discovery

Our emphasis has long been on facilitating knowledge retrieval and application, but outside of surfacing Similar Mems and recommending mems to add to Collections, we have lots of opportunity to build depth in how you can explore your knowledge top-down and discover insights you didn’t know even know to search for.

This area is largely unexplored—we’ve yet to see a dynamic, automatically generated explore experience in the market that’s deeply helpful to knowledge workers—but we have some novel ideas we’ve been working on that we’re excited to gradually roll out. Along these lines, we’ll be introducing brand new patterns for browsing and discovering knowledge you’ve collected, all without requiring you to organize up front.

3. Expanding beyond just notes

Since our initial launch, notes have served as the solve medium to capture information in Mem. Over the coming months, we’ll be widely expanding the types of information you can add to your Mem.

You’ll be able to effortlessly bring in PDFs, images, links, audio recordings, & videos into your Mem, and all aspects of Mem—especially Chat & Search—will become fully aware of the knowledge within each piece of information you add to your Mem. It’ll be effortless to have knowledge that lives across meeting recordings, notes, and files all synthesized together to get you the answers you need.

We’ll also be launching our first continuously synced sources of knowledge—starting with email. When you connect an email account to Mem, all of the knowledge from within your email threads and attachments will serve to further power Chat, Search, and your entire Mem experience.

We’ll be announcing other continuous sources, such as Slack for Mem Teams, in the months to come.

4. Unlocking collective intelligence

While you’ve always been able to share individual mems, sharing larger bodies knowledge at once hasn’t yet had first-class support in Mem.

We’ll be introducing two new constructs to make knowledge sharing, and utilization of a shared pool of knowledge far easier: Shared Collections and Shared Spaces.

We’ll have more to share on this toward the end of the calendar year, but we’ve already begun selecting early access partners for teams, organizations, and companies that are using Mem to unlock their collective intelligence. If you’re interested in being an early access partner for Mem Teams & Enterprise, please reach out!

If you have feedback or suggestions surrounding one of these areas, please shoot me an email at Even if I don’t get a chance to respond, I read every single email I get. Your emails help us double down on our superpowers and identify uncharted territory worth exploring.

One Memmer in particular likened the feeling they get using Mem to having “infinite recall”. It’s an honor to get to work on building this experience.

We’re working day in and day out to ensure that, with Mem, your knowledge is always at your fingertips.

Happy memming,

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