August 9, 2021

Mem, meet Zapier

Mem, meet Zapier

Up until now, we've focused on creating frictionless interfaces for capturing new information. Starting today, we're helping you bring the information you already have into Mem via our Zapier integration.

Send data from thousands of apps directly into Mem

Starting with v0.20, knowledge from thousands of other apps can be pulled into Mem using Zapier. With zero programming knowledge required, you can pull data in from any app on the Zapier platform into Mem. Need to quickly find the phone number for a HubSpot contact? What about the flight confirmation code from your email? Or Slack messages that you saved for later reference? Now, you can make this information easily accessible wherever you are.

Using Mem Spotlight, you can share the phone number of a Hubspot contact with someone while inside of a Slack DM — or pull up your flight confirmation number without ever leaving your check-in page.

Getting Started

To get started, navigate to the Flows tab, where you'll now see 3 new tiles: Email to Mem, Messages to Mem, and CRM to Mem. Each Flow tile will guide you to set up an integration using pre-built templates. If none of the templates suit your needs or you want to explore other integrations, you can also easily build your own custom flows — check out our tutorial below!

Information that you generate implicitly and explicitly on other platforms is an essential part of your personal knowledge base. The new integration with Zapier allows you to bring that information into Mem for powerful search and easy use via Mem Spotlight.

And this is just the beginning.

Bug Fixes

  • ⌨️ Shortcuts are a powerful way to streamline workflows in Mem, and this update restores proper functionality to the Esc key.
  • When selecting text in a mem using cmd/ctrl+k to add a hyperlink, pressing Esc will now close the link editor rather than the mem editor.
  • When searching within a mem using cmd/ctrl+f, pressing Esc will now close the search window.
  • 📆 All date and time formats when using /date or placeholders in scheduled mems will match your local format.
  • 💬 The "Comments" and "Related" buttons on smaller screen sizes are now accessible.

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